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Who Needs a Triathlon Coach?
Jo Garuccio has competed on a national and international level in triathlon for over 25 years. Because it was difficult to find triathlon coaches in the late 80s and early 90s, she relied on the expertise of coaches specializing in each discipline. It paid off with six age-group World Championships, but took a certain amount of juggling to fit the three sports together. 

"Running, swimming and cycling coaches occasionally forget that you are also training in two other sports. It is necessary to understand the triad to avoid burnout and injury. In fact, that is still one of the most difficult parts of learning to be a triathlete."

A triathlete needs intensity and endurance in three sports! How much training time should be allotted to each sport? How far apart should workouts be spaced? How much anaerobic fitness does an Ironman or half-Ironman triathlete need? USA Triathlon has recognized the need for coaches specializing in this unique sport. USAT certification offers developing, elite, and age-group athletes the chance to be coached by people with experience in molding athletes for a multi-sport event.


Why Hire a Certified Coach?

Bridging the gap from athlete to coach is not always an easy task. It requires a much broader view than what can be seen from the athlete’s perspective. Triathlon coaches must understand individual abilities, goal setting, tactics, movement analysis, progressive training techniques, and sport psychology. Without these competencies, even great athletes often instruct people to simply “do what they used to do.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for everyone. Hiring a certified coach guarantees that your coach has received training in all of these areas.