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Personal Coaching Consultant Plan
Meeting with athlete to determine goals, objectives, and training needs.
Bi-monthly schedule and consult during triathlon season (April-October)
Bi-monthly monitoring of abilities in each sport (April-October)
Monthly schedule and consult only during off-season (December-March)
Basic information sheets concerning topics such as training principles, nutrition, race day prep etc. (updates and additional information available to all athletes on current monthly list).
Lactate threshold testing for athletes with heart rate monitors: will help clients determine lactate threshold and heart rate training zones through time trial based protocols in the pool, on the track and on the road (can also help athlete set up more specific bike or treadmill testing for additional fees)
Initial skill evaluation of abilities and equipment check in each sport
Unlimited e-mail or phone access
Budget plan - athletes may opt to use the “off-season” plan after the first month 

Private Coaching Sessions (for athletes not on monthly plan)
One hour or one-half hour sessions in swimming, cycling or running.
Technical or physiological training in all three sports.
Will meet client at convenient location.

Semiprivate Coaching Sessions
Semiprivate sessions are available for two athletes wishing to train together and share costs.

Group Coaching Sessions
Group sessions are available for three to five athletes wishing to train together and share costs.

Contact for information and fee schedules.