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An Athlete/Coach Perspective

Triathlon is a wonderful sport. It has sent me all over the world and I have friends at every stop. I believe that simply being involved in the culture has been one of the best things to ever happen to my summers. I expect to keep that interest for a long time and I hope to instill that same spirit for multi-sport in all my athletes. One 73-year-old age grouper said it all. When asked by relatives when she would quit triathlon, she answered, “When they put me in the ground. When I stop, I’ll die.” Sound eccentric? Maybe, but she’s still fit and happy in her 70s.

There’s definitely truth in the adage “no pain, no gain.” But it should not drive participation in the sport. We must remember to let fun, satisfaction, and accomplishment chauffeur us through the training time. Only then are the sacrifices worthwhile!