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AgeGroup Sports offers you a chance to see yourself in action with high-quality sports photographs. You won't find traditional race snapshots at this site--and not every competitor will find their name listed. Non-linked races indicate what's to come. Check back.

Did you get captured on film?
Review the list of races below and then search for your name.

98 Worlds 1998 ITU Triathlon World Championships, Lausanne, Switzerland
98 US Long Course Nationals 1998 US Long Course National Championships, Lubbock, TX
98 USNationals 1998 US National Championships, Clermont, FL
1997 ITU World Championships, Perth, Australia race/tour
1997 US Age Group National Championships, Maryland
1996 ITU World Championships, Cleveland, OH
1996 US Age Group National Championships, Chicago
1995 ITU World Championships, Cancun, Mexico
1994 ITU World Championships, Wellington, New Zealand
1993 ITU World Championships, Manchester, England

AG Triathlete Home