Components of Training 

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Components of Training
Basic abilities of endurance, force (strength related) and speed (skill related) are crucial for multi-sport performance.

Advanced abilities include muscular endurance, anaerobic endurance and power

Every athlete must begin the year with the development of endurance, force and speed before moving on to advanced abilities.

Training should progress from general to specific in all ability areas.

The various abilities are developed at different times of the year and that development should follow a periodization plan.

Basic Abilities

Endurance: ability to delay the onset of fatigue and reduce the effects of fatigue; it is primarily aerobic in nature (Zones 1-4); improves your ability to burn fat.

Force: ability to overcome resistance; relates to how well you do in rough water, hills, wind.

Speed: the ability to move more effectively while swimming, running or biking; it has nothing to do with how fast you are going, but rather how technically well you are moving.

Advanced Abilities

Muscular endurance:
the ability of the muscles to maintain a relatively high force load for a prolonged period of time; it is an important ability for a multi-sport athlete especially towards the end of each race leg.

Anaerobic endurance: the ability to resist fatigue at very high efforts when arm or leg turnover are rapid; this ability is more important in sprint and international distance races; its and exceptionally stressful form of training.

Power: the ability to apply maximum force quickly; important for fast swim starts, short steep climbs or sprint finishes; repetitions are short 30 seconds of less.