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Photos 99 Boulder Peak
Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Peak Results

Busting at the seams with 1600 entrants, the Boulder Peak Triathlon/Duathlon hosted its largest gathering ever August 1 between monsoon rains drenching Colorado. The attraction of an Ironman qualifier increased by a third the normal race turn out, forcing racers out of porta potty queues and into the bushes. The casual camaraderie promoted by race director Paul Karlsson has a tendency to keep life in perspective, however, and Colorado's biggest multi-sport event went off with few other glitches.

99BPAGSwimStart25-29.jpg (12396 bytes) The water in the Boulder reservoir was just about perfect Sunday morning as the 25-29 age group awaited their start in open water,  a departure from past Boulder Peak swim starts.




Passing time while the minutes click down, 25-29 women share laughs off shore in Boulder reservoir.

Boulder Peak race director Paul Karlsson modified this year's swim course to keep the sun out of competitor's eyes; that wasn't really necessary. A thick cloud cover kept the race day cool and gray.




Age groupers exit Boulder reservoir.

99BPAGSwimFinish2.jpg (14486 bytes)

99BPBennigsonC01.jpg (12297 bytes) Courtney Bennigson, 14-19, dominated her age group in every discipline to win her race by 7 minutes at 2:17:55.





Boston teen Courtney Benningson cruises into T2 with a comfortable 5-minute lead.

Susan Griffin-Kaklikiaw used a strong 0:22:55 swim to put her ahead of the over-40 crowd and claim the women's Master's crown.





Susan Griffin-Kaklikiaw is chilled but all smiles after her Masters win at Boulder Peak.

99BPGriffinS01.jpg (16411 bytes)

99BPCristinaP01.jpg (11279 bytes) Paul Cristina, 35-39, brought a burst of color to an otherwise gray day. A Boulder local, Cristina placed 37 out of a field of over 100 racers.





Paul Cristina enters T2.

Joanna Zeiger was the favorite of many to exit the water first for the women pros; she would have to have a substantial swim lead over Jackie Gallagher to hold the Australian off on the bike and run. Although Zeiger would finish the day second, she was not disappointed with her results after a week of heavy training.




Joanna Zeiger waits amidst the women pros.

P99BPZeigerJ01.jpg (13100 bytes)

P99BPGallagherJ01.jpg (17338 bytes) You never know where the Aussies are going to turn up, but when they do, watch out. Jackie Gallagher, stroking her Power Bar sponsorship and looking to get back into race shape after an injury layoff, arrived at Boulder Peak sporting a new haircut and determined to win. Beating former collegiate swimmer Joanna Zeiger out of the water by seconds, Gallagher would not be threatened again by the eight-woman pro field.



Jackie Gallagher sets the pace out of the water ahead of Joanna Zeiger. She would never have to look back.

As if on a mission to uphold Australian dominance of women's triathlon, Jackie Gallagher punished herself and her followers up Old Stage Hill, opening a nearly 2-minute gap on Zeiger. By the end of the bike her lead was over 3 minutes. She added another 0:2:30 on the run to win in 2:05:16.



With teeth bared, Jackie Gallagher pushes the pace through Boulder's foothills.

P99BPGallagherJ02.jpg (17647 bytes)

P99BPHosoyaH01.jpg (12198 bytes) Normally one of the most picturesque bike courses in the country, this year's pedal through Boulder's foothills greeted racers with assorted shades of gray. On the plus side, temperatures were perfect to keep body heat down and rpms up.



Pro Haruna Hosoya climbs out of the clouds toward the crest of Old Stage Hill in third place behind Jackie Gallagher and Joanna Zeiger.

P99BPCarterK01.jpg (12669 bytes) Kevin Who? Most spectators would have picked defending Boulder Peak Champion Cameron Widoff to repeat as the men's pro champ in '99, but Kevin Carter had other plans. Returning to triathlon after an easy year last season, Carter turned in a fast swim and the top bike to put him 40 seconds out of Widoff's reach on the run. He ended his day in 1:58:56.



Kevin Carter surprised the field and spectators with his win at Boulder Peak.

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