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Perth Australia
Site of the 1997 ITU World Triathlon Championships
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Imagine an island country bigger than the continental United States. Now imagine that all the cities on that island are located on its coastline. Things end up pretty far apart.

Perth is about as far away from anything as you can get. Located in southwestern Australia, just inland from the Indian Ocean, this youthful city has just recently been discovered.

The sparkling Perth skyline overlooks the age group swim start.

Perth shines at 1997 World's.

Around Australia
Scenes from Southwestern and Southeastern Australia

Koalas rank right up there with kangaroos as an Australian trademark. Although koalas are often referred to as "bears" they are actually marsupials. Feeding exclusively on eucalyptus leaves and buds, they are not native to Western Australia. These koalas live in Eastern Australia, north of Melbourne.





Koalas in Eastern Australia.

Koalas lounge in SE Australia

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