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2001 Las Vegas Triathlon Lake Mead, Nevada
Growing up

The Las Vegas Triathlon begins as the sun rises over Lake Mead and the temperatures remain civilized. 



Women's masters and over splash their way into Lake Mead's race-friendly water.

Not short enough for a sprint and too long for an international distances (1000 yds, 18 mi, 5+ mi) the Vegas tri is scheduled to grow up next year into an Olympic distance race. 


Sabrina Kendall exits an overflowing transition and into the morning's rising temperatures.

Early morning sunshine and shadows combine with Lake Mead's landscape to make racers momentarily forget they are competing in a desert. The 2001 Vegas tri attracted a wide range of first-time and experienced competitors. 

Riders climb with the temperature as they make their way through the first of two loops of the bike course.

The run was billed as four miles, but even taking into account the loose rock and uneven terrain, the times of  most racers pegged the distance at over five.


Five-time age group World Champion Jo Garuccio nears the end of mile one.

A race and venue with great potential, the Las Vegas Triathlon has the appeal and quirks of local races from yesteryear--a relaxed informal atmosphere, a timing system that poses no threat to Champion Chip, an assortment of rides from mountain bikes to souped up Sevens, and great trophies for the overall and masters winners.




A wide variety of competitors turned out at Vegas.